Your Sicilian Dreamerr:

Welcome to the world of Roberto Randazzo, better known as Erreanderre – a multi-talented Sicilian music producer, sound engineer, and composer making waves in the European music scene.

Early Years and Musical Foundation

Roberto's musical journey commenced at the tender age of 7 when he began studying classical guitar. His musical prowess quickly expanded to include piano and songwriting, setting the stage for a lifetime of creative exploration. As his passion for music deepened, so did his array of skills – transitioning from classical to acoustic, and ultimately mastering the intricacies of the electric guitar.

Yamaha Diploma and Tour Music Fest Recognition

By the age of 15, Roberto achieved a diploma in Modern Electric Guitar from Yamaha, marking the beginning of his recognition in musical competitions. Notably, he reached the finals of the Tour Music Fest with the Blallo Band, showcasing his talent on a broader stage.

Milan: The Hub of Musical Education

Driven by an insatiable curiosity for music production, Roberto, during his high school years, co-founded a music studio with his peers. This passion led him to Milan, where he delved deeper into Urban Music Production at the S.A.E. institute under the guidance of esteemed professors like Dj Telaviv.

Global Wanderings and Academic Excellence

The journey continued, with Roberto finding himself in Salzburg during the 2020 lockdown, serenading the streets with his musical prowess. Vienna beckoned next, where he pursued a bachelor's degree in music production at the Vienna Music Institute. Here, he found a mentor and teacher in Filippo Gaetani, elevating his musical abilities.

Plants that Grow at Night and Live Performances

Academic pursuits didn't hinder Roberto's love for live music. Alongside his colleagues, he formed the band "Plants that Grow at Night," seamlessly blending production and live performances. His talent caught the attention of Fretello GmbH, where he served as a guitarist, content creator, and sound engineer. Collaborations with GlobalRockStar further solidified his presence in the Austrian music scene, performing live for Anna-Sophie and other notable acts.

Vienna Studio and Discography

Not content with live performances alone, Roberto established a home studio in Vienna, collaborating with international artists of varying genres. His fingerprints can be found on numerous discography projects, spanning albums, singles, and soundtracks.

Berlin: The Next Chapter

In 2024, Roberto ventured to Berlin, carrying his diverse talents and passion for collaboration. His mark on the European music scene continues to grow, making him a prominent figure in the industry.

Explore the musical odyssey of Erreanderre – where innovation, passion, and a love for music converge.

Collaborations - Erreanderre's Production Partnerships

Dive into the rich tapestry of Erreanderre's collaborations, where diverse talents come together to create musical magic. Explore the alphabetical order of these creative partnerships:

  • Alin Hagen

  • Alisia Jalsy

  • Coldsodamusic

  • Dan Mesck

  • David Theni

  • Donna Engel

  • Filippo Gaetani

  • Flohzirkus

  • Fraxeno

  • Jeff Sisti

  • Jessie Grace

  • Jonny Wolf

  • Lady Sox

  • LizAnn

  • Noadjamila

  • Madishu

  • Michael Paul

  • Mi Mi

  • Mole


  • Plants that grow at night

  • Raouf Farahzadeh

  • Skili

  • Sofia Morrigan

  • Sofialuna

  • sofeel

  • The Return Project

  • Toria Blue

  • V I C K

  • Xsip

  • Yalani