from Live Performance to Music Production.

Live Performance.

Experience in the music field as a musician for festivals, concerts, radio, and TV shows.

Session Musician.

Experience in the music field as a musician for Studio Recordings. Songs, Jingles, Loop Packs, Sound Design, Arrangement, Improvisation.

Music Teacher.

Experience in teaching modern music and innovative creative techniques. Teaching modern guitar and music production for all ages and minds.

Sound Engineer.

Experience in crafting sound based on the buyer's needs. For video games, films, and broadcasting. Mixing and mastering for Songs and Beats. Sound design using synthesizers and recordings.

Studio Assistant.

Experience in assisting producers with studio organization and cleanliness, including administrative planning and organization. Additionally, providing support on social media and communications for product promotion and sales. Technical assistance in recordings and sessions using Logic Pro X and Pro Tools.

Music Production..

Experience in music production, including instrument and vocal recordings. Mixing and mastering techniques. Creative arrangement, orchestral arrangement, editing, and composition.