Professional Musician

Roberto Randazzo (Erreanderre) is a well-rounded musician. He holds a diploma in Modern Electric Guitar and boasts over a decade of experience in live performances and studio recordings. A versatile and creative musician, he pays close attention to detail and emotion. His music style combines elements of Soul, Pop, and Blues with hints of Indie Rock, Indie Pop, EDM, and Jazz. His clean sound, enhanced with reverb and delay, creates a comfortable ambience around the mid-tone range. On the distorted side, you'll find a subtle indie rock overdrive accompanied by solos with reverb and delay effects.

Music Producer

With a degree in Music Production and a diploma in Urban Music Production, Erreanderre brings a modern and fresh sound, combining analogue techniques with digital production. His production influences span across genres like Pop, EDM, Indie Rock, and Acoustic Folk. With years of experience in online and face-to-face collaborations, he's worked as a Producer, Composer, Musician, and Sound Engineer. You can find his tracks on Spotify and immerse yourself in his unique sound and tone. Adept in leveraging extensive knowledge of audio plugins and analogue gear to create high-quality productions across various genres.


Roberto Randazzo, known professionally as Erreanderre, boasts an extensive background in collaborative music projects, seamlessly navigating the vibrant landscapes of Sicily, Milan, Vienna, and Berlin. His work reflects a fusion of diverse cultural influences, creating a captivating tapestry of musical expressions. With a seasoned history in teamwork, Erreanderre has partnered with a range of international artists, leaving behind a trail of compelling and unique musical creations.

Accessible on popular streaming platforms and social networks, Erreanderre's collaborations invite a global audience to immerse themselves in his dynamic and distinctive sounds. His skill set extends beyond mere participation, encompassing edit recording, audio engineering, composition, co-production, and more.

In addition to his musical prowess, Erreanderre excels in various aspects of project management within the Music and Media industry. Proficient in time management, client relations, portfolio curation, and content creation, he operates as a dedicated freelancer. His commitment to flexibility and punctuality ensures the seamless administration of projects, consistently delivering client satisfaction and contributing to the success of each endeavour.

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